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Selected Wine - Umenoyado Frutas Blood Orange 梅乃宿血橙酒 720ml

Umenoyado Frutas Blood Orange / 梅乃宿血橙酒

A very refreshing blood orange wine from Japan.  The blood orange is from Italy.  Please be reminded to shake the bottle a little before pouring out because it is full of pulps.

Fruity, sour and sweet, highly refreshing.  Perfect for casual party with family and friends.  Simply add ice cubes or cool soda water to enjoy.

An excellent choice to make your party even more perfect.

產地: 奈良県

酒精度: 5%

酒評: 意大利地中海地域 原產葡萄柚,紅色果肉是的特色。嚴選品種,酸、甜、鮮、香集於一瓶,像果汁一樣的水果酒。一瓶720毫升就 像是喝到11個新鮮葡萄柚壓搾成瓶的 葡萄柚酒。開瓶即可聞到葡萄柚的果香,爽快口感,製成新口味的水果酒。葡萄柚酒內有果肉,飲用時,請搖一搖再飲用。

Detailed Information

Origin: Japan
Product category: Blood Orange Sake
Alcohol concentration: 5%
Capacity: 720 ml
Brewery: Umenoyado 

Introduction of brewing
Umenoyado was born in 1893 at the bottom of Katsuragi mountain and have been brewing sake for over 120 years.

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